Gear talk – socks and laces

Let’s talk about one of the second favorite things runners love to discuss – running gear! I admit. I am a terrible, horrible running gear addict. And I have now officially added two more obsessions to my list.


It all began with a recent trip to our local running store – a dangerous and foolish thing to do. Hubby wanted to go check out another head lamp. While he was looking, I somehow was drawn towards the socks. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually tried good running socks. All the miles I have put under my feet, I’ve run them in plain old white ankle socks. But the colors on these socks in the running store were just so cute!

So after chatting with the running store employee, she steered me away from the Balega brand of socks – which is a light, breathable sock that feels a little bit like heavy panty hose (Hubby’s favorite pair of socks are a Nike brand that feels a lot like the Balega brand. He swears by them.)  and she guided me the Feetures brand. They felt okay to my hands, but honestly, the bright pink was what really sold me.

This particular style of Feetures, which is the Elite light cushion no-show tab sock, claims to grip your foot and provide a bit of support for your arch. I don’t really have any arch issues, but I thought I’d give them a try.

The second I put them on for a run, I was sold. They felt ah-mazing. We were off to a good start. The second I started running with them, I realized I had been missing out. They provided the right support in the right places, gripping my feet where I didn’t even realize I needed support and providing a great, breathable sock.

All in all, the girl at the running store didn’t steer me wrong. In fact, I am so obssessed, I have now ordered three more pairs.


If you’re like me and you just have to double-knot your laces, or you simply get tired of having to lace them – call me semi-lazy – give Nathan’s Lock Laces a try. They are a unique bungee-type cord that replaces your shoe laces. They can be loosened or tightened by a simple lock mechanism.

These are my second pair of Lock Laces. They are super easy to put in, no more difficult than regular laces. But the ease of just slipping into your shoe and heading out the door, along with never having to worry about them coming untied mid-run, has made this the best running invention ever.

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