Full-Marathon madness

It’s time. Yep, I said it. It’s time to finally break out of my comfort zone and run a full marathon. Even as I write these words, my hands start to get a little clammy at the thought. 26.2 miles…. or two half-marathons in a row… or eight 5Ks. No matter how I’ve tried to calculate it, the decision has been made. I’m ready… I think.

It all started after my last half-marathon in Fort Walton Beach.

But first, a little back story. About seven months ago, hubby and I joined our local CrossFit box. It wasn’t long before we were HOOKED and official CrossFit junkies. After a couple months, we finally managed to come up with a great schedule that worked for us: three days of CrossFit and three days of running, leaving us one rest day. At first, it was hard. I’ll admit it. And depending on what the WOD (workout of the day) was, sometimes our runs were even harder. I mean, it’s never easy to set out for an easy run day of 3.2 miles when your legs still felt like jelly from the 100 overhead squats you did the day before. But, as time progressed, so did we. We got stronger. Suddenly, our new schedule wasn’t hard at all. It was just our new routine.

Now fast forward to the half-marathon in Fort Walton Beach. I felt, well, amazing. I could tell right out of the shoot that I felt great. Sure, we’ve been running a lot, but it was something else. When we first started CrossFit, we were told that because of the amazing workouts and challenges and muscle-building activities we were going to do, that we wouldn’t need to run as much to prepare for races. Honestly, I didn’t believe it. But race day was proof. I was proof. I was stronger than I had ever been.

What really amazed me was post-race. Sure, I felt a little sore, but it wasn’t like in the past. I could actually still walk. So, the morning after the race, which for me was always the worst, hubby suggested we go for a run. What?! I wasn’t so sure I could manage a stroll around the block much less a few miles after just running a half. But, I did it. And I did great. Sure, I was a little more tired than normal, but I finished. And that’s when it occurred to me. It’s time.

So here I am, in the second week of my official full-marathon training schedule. My dad has a few marathons under his belt. He sent me his tried-and-proven-works marathon training schedule. He tells me if I follow this schedule to a T, it will work. But….I can’t turn my back on my CrossFit. So, I’ve tweaked his training schedule a bit to fit our schedule.

I am thrilled – and a little scared – to be taking on such a big feat on my own, but I am ready. Just one foot in front of the other….



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