Watermelon Run – Florida – June 2019

Somehow, the days have sped by faster than you can say the word lightning, and we’re already back here again – at the annual watermelon run!

This has somehow become one of my favorite small-town runs to participate in, where most of the locals come out for the 5K and a parade that commences afterwards.

This year, we headed into town feeling much more prepared than last. We knew where to park, how to pick up our packets, and exactly what to expect when it came to the starting point. Once we had everything in hand, we waited around for a couple minutes before the police cars moved into position in the center of town. We knew what this meant. Race time! The police cars halted all traffic and allowed us to gather in the roadway. After a short countdown, we were off!

Today, the weather was absolutely, incredibly gorgeous. I’m not sure what happened, perhaps a bizarre cool front had whisked through, but unlike last year, it was stunning out! In fact, with temperatures like this, I could run all day. The humidity was even at a strange low. Was this really June in Florida?

As we took off into the first mile, I somehow lost hubby in the crowd. We weren’t planning on staying together for this run, so I didn’t worry too much up waiting around for him. I did, however, finally manage to snag a quick video of one of the highlights of this race for me. I’m not sure who the couple is, but apparently every year they sit outside and play music on their banjos for the runners. All kidding aside about banjos, they do an awesome job!

As I passed the banjo players, I snapped some more pictures as I ran. How lucky am I to get to run through this town? Historic homes, canopy roads. It’s like stepping back in time.


I’m not sure if it was the weather this year, or my energy was at an all-time high, but I cheered and waved and thanked the volunteers for taking their time to help out with this annual event. As I came to our first big hill, I tackled it like a champ, feeling great. And then, there it was, the last enormous hill before the end. I struggled a bit here, fading in and out of energy to keep pushing forward. But then I reached deep down inside and told myself I wasn’t stopping until I crossed that finish line. I ran, my lungs and heart nearly exploding, and crossed that finish line.

Not long after me, hubby crossed the finish line. Despite what he expected, his timing was great! We grabbed some water, waiting a few more minutes for dad.

And then there he was, moving up the hill like the champion he is, refusing to ever give up. This year, he was easy to spot in his lime-green t-shirt. He trudged up that hill, marking a great PR and beating last year’s finish! That’s what his goal was – simply to beat last year’s time. I’d say for a man in his 70’s, he’s an incredible example of what sheer determination and perseverance can do.

Afterwards, we enjoyed a few slices of watermelon and waited while awards were presented. This year, I snagged third place in my age group. I realize my competition at this small race isn’t that large, but I’ll take third place any day!

Before walking back to the car, we made it to the same café as last year where we enjoyed hot coffee and blueberry strudels. I have to admit, the race wouldn’t be complete without this post-race stop for breakfast and conversation.

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