Firecracker 5K – 4th of July

I debated right up until the last minute whether to sign us up for this race or not. I knew with our crazy work schedules and life it would require missing out on the one day we get to sleep in, but it was the 4th of July and I had been eyeing this race for the past few years. So, despite listening to my body telling me to rest, we ran.

The morning of the race, I was up early and ready. I had hydrated, made a quick breakfast of a Cliff Bar, and hubby and I were out the door in no time flat. The race was being held downtown at one of our local parks. They had been spending a great deal of time renovating this area and the park turned out really fantastic. I also realized what an awesome place it was to hold a race. Ample parking, pretty views. All in all, the race was going to be amazing.

After the one-mile group finished their leg, we lined up on the street. It was already pretty darn hot out. Long gone was the beautiful race we had experienced at the Watermelon 5K. Now it was July, in Florida, and it was HOT.

We took off, doing our first loop through the park. For the first mile, hubby and I stayed together. He was rocking the first mile at around a 9:50 pace. Once we came out of the park and went into the street, he fell back a little and told me to go on. So I did. The heat – wow. It was like running in the middle of a sauna; no breeze, incredibly high humidity and the sun beating down on you, sucking every last ounce of energy out of you.

I pushed through, knowing our halfway point was just around the bend. In the small moments I could find the shade, I snagged it. But between the asphalt, the sun and lack of breeze, it was rough.

At one point, there were two volunteers with water guns. I gladly ran through their designated “splash zone”, getting completely soaked in the process. It felt amazing. But with a mile left to run, it didn’t take long for the water to absorb fast. And in that last mile was when I really started to struggle. The sun and heat was so intense, I wasn’t sure I could finish. But I pushed myself.

When I crossed the finish, I felt that rolling nausea come fast. Trying to avoid embarrassing myself with any projectile vomit this time, I grabbed a bottle of water and found some shade while I waited for hubby.

After he crossed finish line, looking about as bad as I had, we sat in the shade for a few minutes to cool down. Once we both felt better, we set off towards the food and water station. I grabbed an orange and continued nursing my bottle of water. We wandered around, looking at the different tables they had set up. They had a water spraying station, even a place to take selfies. After a quick picture, I decided we needed a sno-cone. I mean, why not.

As we got home that morning, I kept telling hubby I wasn’t feeling well. In fact, I spent the remainder of the day curled up on the couch with a stomach bug. I did, however, read an entire book that day, in between sleeping on and off.

I’m still not sure what caused me to go from running to being knocked back with a stomach bug in mere hours. Was it the heat? Maybe it was the sushi I had two days prior. Or maybe it was that sno-cone. Regardless, I have made a very adult decision that I will never eat sno-cones again.


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