Providence Canyon State Park – Hiking

In the heart of south Georgia, about 30 miles south of Columbus, Georgia, lies a little hidden gem called Providence Canyon State Park; an unusual geological site for hikers and explorers. In fact, the whole science behind the beauty of this strange Georgia coastal plain is that the colors were created by sediment from ancient streams. Translation, this makes for one super unique hiking experience.

We headed north for the day to explore this park. There are a few different hikes offered. One is roughly 2- 3 miles and the other is around 7 miles round-trip. You can also explore the canyons, which adds a little bit more mileage. On this day, we opted for the moderate White Blaze Canyon Loop trail, which equated to about 3 miles.

A word of warning, the hills are fairly steep here, but there are plenty of stops for anyone needing to take a break from the trail. 

We started at the Visitors Station and took the trail down into the canyons. After exploring these amazing sites for quite a while, we continued on the White Blaze Trail Loop as it carried us up, up and away. 

As we finished the loop, we were completely taken aback by the beauty we saw! What cool views. 

As you finish the White Blaze Trail Loop, there are plenty of photo opportunities. There are even two playgrounds and multiple picnic pavilions where, when you plan right, you can enjoy quite the meal post-hike.

All in all, this makes for an absolutely fun day out in nature. If you happen to be in south Georgia, definitely plan on taking a little detour and checking this unique place out.

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