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Carbs . . . friend or foe

Just eat the baguette. The thought of letting a morsel of bread past my lips brought a shudder to my innermost being. What? Eat a piece of bread without having to pay penance for that ungodly indiscretion? Never! All joking aside, for many years that’s exactly what the world preached, that’s what we all believed, … Read more Carbs . . . friend or foe

Boston, Ga – Boston Mini Marathon

Imagine farm land, rolling hills, cows grazing in the distance, pecan tree groves creating a picturesque backdrop to a south Georgia landscape. Welcome to Boston, Georgia. If you drive too fast, you’ll simply blow past this quaint small town an hour north from the Florida border. And that’s exactly where I found myself this October … Read more Boston, Ga – Boston Mini Marathon


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